Grid Densification

Grid densification

EnDev Bolivia furthers the connection of households and social infrastructures to energy services in the country’s rural and peri-urban areas. The materials are channelled through distribution companies and rural cooperatives that become partners in the implementation process and thereby help increase energy services’ coverage in those areas. It is important to highlight that these companies have worked in a coordinated, efficient and decisive manner to be able to execute the grid densification projects. All the work is carried out based on inter-institutional agreements with ENDE (Empresa Nacional de Electricidad Bolivia - National Electricity Company), one of our main partners, and with the rest of the country’s electricity distributors and cooperatives.

Thanks to the access to electricity, low-income households also benefit from greater access to information and education. Health care and protection, improvement of the quality of life and a higher probability of generating activities that will provide new income sources are also enhanced.

In addition to this, EnDev Bolivia contributes in reducing the pressure on the environment because by using electric energy, polluting energies -batteries, kerosene and candles- are used much less.

Micro-hydropower plants (MHP)

In line with the purpose of creating more access to energy services, the project offers the possibility of co-financing electrical equipment for households with the aim of establishing decentralized electricity generation systems, such as micro-hydropower plants.

To this end, the work is carried out with the co-participation of public and private institutions at national, regional or local levels. As a result, the beneficiaries are small rural populations that are very far from the main grid distribution networks and that would not receive such access even in the medium term. Furthermore, the project provides support in building capacities in the administration and technical management of micro-power plants to ensure their sustainability.