Discontinued Technologies

Malena cookstove

The Malena cookstove is a technology designed by EnDev Bolivia that has been implemented throughout the country since 2007 (Malena stands for Mejor Aprovechamiento de Leña, i.e. better use of firewood). It uses wood or animal waste and is built with local material (improved clay mix); its design has been certified to guarantee that it allows for a decrease in fuel consumption when cooking food. These cookstoves have a chimney that eliminates smoke and toxic gases from inside the house, thus reducing health risks for women and children, as they are the ones who spend more time in the kitchen.

This technology has had considerable impact because families spend considerably less time collecting firewood and less money in case they have to purchase it. The improvement in families’ health is also transcendental, as is the reduction in deforestation.

This technology has currently been transferred to local partners for its construction and implementation.

Portable cookstove: Augusta

Estas cocinas presentan un diseño que permite disminuir la cantidad de leña utilizada para la cocción de los alimentos. Al contar con un tamaño reducido, permiten su transporte de forma cómoda y fácil. 


In 2003, low-cost biodigesters were implemented in regions with cold climates, such as the Bolivian highlands and became a milestone in the development of this technology worldwide. After going through a series of smaller projects, in 2007 EnDev Bolivia started a biodigester project at the national level that led to standardizing the technology, training professionals...

Energy for Social Infrastructure

One of EnDev Bolivia’s main pillars was the component Energy for Social Infrastructure, which was aimed at improving the use, coverage and quality of health and education services, boarding schools and community centres, by providing them with access to modern energy.

The work in this component concluded in 2015. However, other components have included some of its measures to give continuity to the work that was carried out.