Energy for Productive Uses

EnDev supports micro and small rural and peri-urban entrepreneurs, organizations and communities dedicated to productive activities, to expand their access to modern energy and technology and thereby improve their productive processes, employment conditions and generation of income.

Modern Energy Technologies for Productive Uses

The type of technologies that EnDev Bolivia supports for productive uses refers to machinery and equipment powered by conventional electricity and renewable energies, and used in the segments of primary production, post-harvest and basic food transformation.

Technological Innovation

The innovations supported by EnDev are mainly adaptive, but novel for the local context. Most of the equipment corresponds to standard machinery and equipment, available on the national market or imported.

In the case of machinery and equipment developed from scratch, EnDev Bolivia and its partners carried out interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary prototyping processes through knowledge dialogue with users.

The project received twice the National Energy Globe Award for these innovations, for primary production (agricultural irrigation micro-projects in isolated off-grid rural communities in Bolivia, energy supply in various rural communities in Bolivia), and, transformation (gas-fired peanut roaster).
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Project to create access to energy for productive uses and market systems for SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and OECAs (Indigenous native peasant economic organizations) in Bolivia

Efficient Vicente Oven - COVID-19 Response

EnDev Bolivia implements Measure COVID-19, with technical and financial support initiatives for access to improved artisanal ovens (Vicente Efficient Oven), one of the technologies developed by EnDev for the preparation of food and baked goods for family consumption or local sale.