Photovoltaic Systems (PV systems)

These systems work with solar energy. The technology is especially aimed at families without access to electricity through the conventional grid in rural and peri-urban areas, nationwide.

EnDev contributes to the creation, launching and strengthening of rural markets to promote the dissemination and implementation of photovoltaic (PV) technology. The project backs private companies and suppliers to include rural and peri-urban areas in their activities, while it also helps generate demand for this technology through information exchange, awareness-raising activities, and training in its use and maintenance, alongside other actions carried out in rural areas.

EnDev also cooperates with national government programs that implement PV systems and supports the reactivation of previously installed systems that are in disuse in different types of social infrastructures, such as educational units and health centres in rural areas.

According to the use given to PV systems, different types and models are currently promoted by the project. These systems have received the Lighting Global international certification from the World Bank. The types of PV systems that EnDev furthers are the following: