Photovoltaic Lighting Systems

Pico Photovoltaic Systems (Pico PV)

These are small flashlight-type equipment that can have additional built-in functions, i.e. to operate radios or charge cell phones. In some cases, they have other alternatives of modular interconnection between systems to provide more energy (greater luminosity).

These systems are intended for both domestic and productive uses since they allow carrying out complementary nocturnal activities due to their portability.

Solar Home Systems (SHS)

These are larger equipment than the Pico PV’s, but they maintain the same functions. They can be composed of a lithium battery that allows having several lighting points, charging a portable flashlight and operating television sets with 12V ports.

The SHS are stand-alone systems that offer a cost-effective way to supply electricity for lighting in a small home and, in recent years, have become a viable option for rural and isolated communities.