Impact stories

240 women from the Chuquisaca Chaco innovate in the use of electric pumps for honey harvesting

Implementation of honey harvesting pumps with the meliponicultoras of Entrerillos, Iñao National Park and Integrated Management Natural Area, Chuquisaca.

36 enterprising women from TCO Monteverde co-design a cusi grinding machine

Implementation of a cusi milling machine co-designed by the users, to facilitate its operation and increase cusi milling.

Solar lighting in agriculture and other livelihoods

Solar lighting in agricultural activities and other livelihoods as climate change adaptation strategies for small-scale producers in Tomina (Chuquisaca) and Tiwanaku (La Paz).

25 women from Palos Blancos improve the kneading stage by incorporating technology with electric energy

Implementation of electric mixer with the Charcas processing plant, Palos Blancos, La Paz.

522 families use solar pumps to obtain water for watering their livestock.

Implementation of solar pumps to provide water for livestock in Marka Kisca, Oruro.

115 cocoa farmers in Chapare incorporate electrically powered grading systems

Implementation of electrically powered grain sorting systems to boost the insertion of its product in the national market.

33 women from Corma produce quality vegetables using solar energy.

Implementation of solar pumps for vegetable irrigation with the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Corma, Chuquisaca.

110 producers gain access to electric-powered milling technology for cereals/legumes

Implementation of an electric mill to add value to cereals and leguminous plants in Yapisuri, Chuquisaca.

197 CIMTA women develop skills in improved artisan kiln technology

Implementation of improved Vicente furnaces for productive use.

54 APQUIRC partners incorporate electrically-powered sorting systems

Implementation of electrically powered sorting systems to enhance the insertion of their product in the export market.

128 farmers from Quirpini Grande implement electric pumping systems for irrigation.

Producers in Quirpini Grande pump water 200 metres to enable 14 new hectares of technified peach production in San Lucas, Chuquisaca.