Life stories

María Perregón - Irma Argollo - Natalia Chauca - Improved cookstoves

Promoters of Malena Cookstoves. Empowered women.

Marta Helguero - Energy for Productive Uses

Carrot producer, CEPROAGRO Association.

Yolanda Gonzáles - PV Systems

Promoter of Solar Lamps and Lithium Batteries.

Severina Loza - Rural Electrification

Experience of improvement in the quality of life of a Bolivian woman.

81 women trained in internal electrical installations, from different regions of the country.

Testimonials from Miriam Condori and Pamela Huaylla, electricians trained in workshops conducted by EnDev Bolivia.

PUE access in Bolivia - stories from a rural women entrepeneurs

EnDev Project supports rural women entrepreneurs in their access to energy and modern technology.