EnDev Bolivia: Objective and strategies

Since its inception in 2005, EnDev aims to increase the number of people with access to modern energy sources to meet their basic needs in a sustainable way, through continuous and coordinated interventions.

EnDev works at the national level in all nine departments of the country, targeting households, social infrastructure (health and education units) and productive units in rural and peri-urban areas. It supports the increase of households connected to electricity, the development of markets for photovoltaic systems at the rural level, the access of productive units to modern energy and technology to improve their processes, and strengthens the electricity sector on issues related to energy efficiency for households. In alliance with a diversity of public and private actors, different levels of government, technology providers, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and communities throughout the country.

The work strategies are defined according to the needs of the rural population of our country, considering all aspects of each region, cultural diversity and social demand with a gender focus in all its actions.

EnDev Bolivia has developed an institutional network with the national government, departmental and local governments, public programmes and projects; with the private sector (SMEs and productive organisations, technology providers, banks and financial institutions, electrification companies and cooperatives); development cooperation organisations (NGOs and foundations with different specialisations), all related to the agricultural sector and food security. Also, with academia, universities and research institutes.

This network contributes to the democratisation of modern energy technologies in rural Bolivia.

Currently, EnDev Bolivia focuses its objectives at the rural and peri-urban level on the following components:

To ensure equitable development outcomes, the EnDev Project takes into account gender needs and differences when implementing its technologies and practices in the energy sector.

Because of women's role in our context, there is a difference in their need for and use of energy compared to men, as well as in their access to it. Women are usually limited in their access to modern energy sources, including energy services that are mainly used by women.

The EnDev project recognises that women are agents of change and considers them to be a fundamental part of the implementation of the project's actions. The aim is to create spaces for them to participate freely in the sector and in its different family, social, political, economic and academic structures.

The approach to access to energy and modern technology is inclusive, facilitating and prioritising women's participation in all actions.

Sustainable Development Goals in EnDev

SDGs to which EnDev contributes.

Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible en EnDev Sustainable Development Goals in EnDev