EnDev supports rural electricity distributors and cooperatives in empowering women

EnDev supports rural electricity distributors and cooperatives in training women to make safe electrical connections. In this case working hand in hand with the SETAR Cooperative (Servicios Eléctricos de Tarija) 24-25/Nov/2022.
Workshop on internal electrical installations for rural households and meter reading.

Pescando Oportunidades 2021 - FASERTe

The Fund for Sustainable Access to Renewable Energy and Efficient Technologies (FASERTe) launched a new round for entities wishing to participate in the RES-E and efficient technologies market in the country.

1st Round of the FEM: Women's Energy Fund

The Women's Energy Fund (FEM) is an open and competitive fund for financial and technical support to MSMEs, productive organisations or associative enterprises led by women.

Training seminar was held together with the BDP and companies implementing photovoltaic technology.

As part of an inter-institutional cooperation alliance, EnDev Bolivia organised a training workshop together with important partners from the photovoltaic sector for the staff of the Banco de Desarrollo Productivo

With solar Distributed Generation EnDev reduced its electricity bill by 40 %.

The EnDev project installed a distributed generation system interconnected to the conventional electricity grid.

EnDev supports awareness-raising on the issue of NO violence against women in the electricity sector.

The EnDev project in its Grid Densification and Photovoltaic Systems components has included, since 2019, messages of NO to violence against women, an action well received by the national counterparts and the final recipients of the implementation.

CIMTA and EnDev work together on access and capacity building in improved oven technology

In the province of Abel Iturralde, in the department of La Paz, women from the 20 communities of the Tacana Women's Council (CIMTA)

innovative technology is being implemented in the Bolivian Chaco with women entrepreneurs in honey harvesting.

More than 300 enterprising women from the Association of Ecological Beekeepers of the Serranías del Parque nacional y área natural de manejo integrado Iñao, Monteagudo (AESIM), in Chuquisaca, are dedicated to the sustainable use of honey from native stingless bees (meliponas).

Energy for children's education in un-electrified rural areas

Families in the municipalities of Arque, Aiquile, Sacaba and Tapacarí benefited from the project that EnDev has been developing since August, in alliance with the NGO ENERGÉTICA and the Empresa de Luz y Fuerza Eléctrica Cochabamba (ELFEC).

Solar pumping equipment facilitates the technified irrigation of horticultural production in the Municipality of San Lucas, Chuquisaca.

Due to the impossibility of using water, production in the municipality of San Lucas is unable to expand cultivation areas in order to maintain profitable productivity levels and to enter into horticultural production.

CIFEMA SAM, APCOB and EnDev Bolivia develop environmentally neutral technology for cusi milling.

Chiquitanian women lead economic opportunities for the sustainable use of the cusi palm tree.