Since 2005 when the programme began, EnDev has aimed at increasing the number of people with access to modern energy services to satisfy their basic needs in a sustainable manner. As of July 2016, EnDev Bolivia is also focusing on creating markets to access energy technologies through various strategies:

Energy Promoters (EPs):

These are the people in charge of offering and providing Pico Photovoltaic Systems (Pico PV) and improved cooking stoves for very demanding rural areas. The EPs work in association with, and as intermediaries of technology suppliers. They also work for sales commissions. EnDev advises and trains the EPs on subjects such as business plans.

Local Sales Points (LSPs):

These are places where technology is directly sold to the clients through alliances with private sector companies, private initiatives, foundations, and NGOs.



Technology producers and providers:

These enterprises are in charge of building cooking stoves based on the portable model, which are to be sold by the EPs and at LSPs. Companies that help provide and sell photovoltaic systems are also included here.

Strategic alliances:

As part of the work carried out in previous years regarding grid densification, the project continues working in alliance with the Ministry of Energy, as well as other institutions, foundations and private companies. Part of the project functions under a micro-franchise approach, for example, for the sale of solar lamps.