This stove was designed by EnDev Bolivia and has been implemented throughout the country since 2007. It uses wood or animal waste and is built with local material (improved clay mix). Malena’s design has been tested and officially certified for it guarantees a significant decrease in fuel consumption: it uses up to 50% less compared to traditional stoves. The Malena Stove, as designed and developed by EnDev, went through several preliminary models that were adapted to the needs of the rural areas and their geographical conditions. The Malena also inspired new innovations, including stoves for social institutions, stoves with an oven, and the “Chichera” stove (see below), among others.

Esquema de una Malena

Fotografía real de una Malena


Video cocina Malena (BMZ - versión alemán)


Video cocina Malena (Documental Reuters)


Video cocina Malena y cambio climático (versión alemán)