The project promotes and facilitates access to energy for productive enterprises in the rural area, through the use of efficient technologies. This area is aimed to help farmers improve their production process, products, efficiency and economic income. EnDev currently supports primary production through the following strategies:


training workshops are carried out with technical personnel, enterprises and families; in this process concepts are developed and new projects are created. The end is to achieve sustainability in the use of technologies for productive uses. This strategy seeks to promote the importance of energy for any productive activity. The work is also aimed at strengthening the technical knowledge of professionals as well as public and private entities. Finally, the training workshops are also aimed to develop the necessary skills for the management, operation and maintenance of the equipment delivered by the project.  

Technology for primary production

support and advice is provided on the use of electricity transformers. The transformers ensure the adequate operation of technologies that require high voltage, such as water pumps, milk cooling tanks, electric mills, etc.




Solar Irrigation Pilot

The Solar Irrigation Pilot Project is the first pilot project of this nature and is being implemented in the community of Pajcha Baja, municipality of Vacas (Cochabamba). This experience is being evaluated to decide if it can be included in the project portfolio.