Although FASERTe, the Fund for Sustainable Access to Renewable Energy and Efficient Technologies (Fondo de Acceso Sostenible a Energía Renovable y Tecnologías Eficientes) is not a component implemented by Endev, it is the result of a strategic alliance implemented by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture - IICA, and is funded and advised by EnDev in Bolivia.

FASERTe’s purpose is to contribute to poverty reduction, encouraging economic growth in Bolivia’s rural and peri-urban areas, through the development of modern small-scale renewable energy solutions (thermal and electrical energy). By acting as a catalyst, it seeks to create clean and sustainable local energy markets, encouraging active participation by local entrepreneurs and communities in general, while also stimulating productive uses of energy.

The Fund’s general objective is: “To strengthen the technology chain in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Technologies (TERe -Tecnologías en Energía Renovable eficientes) in Bolivia”.

It also has three specific objectives:

- Strengthening the financial capacity of the actors involved in the value chain to further the development and sustainable access to Renewable Energies and Energy 

Efficient Technologies (TERe) for domestic use, social infrastructure and productive uses.

- Strengthening the actors’ technical capacities in the development and sustainable access to TERe’s for domestic use, social infrastructure and productive uses, in order to sustain the pro-poor energy investments.

- Furthering the development and/or adoption of TERe’s technical norms and quality, safety and efficiency standards.

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